Company Name: Auctus Nutritions

Office Address: Bangalore, India


Auctus Nutritions boasts of a loyal customer base courtesy the exceptional innovations put into its supplements. Additionally, almost every NutriAuctus product abides by the food-specific regulations and looks to offer the best quality for the given price point. When it comes to affordability, Auctus Nutritions quotes a price point that’s second to none. Customers get highest quality products at the most competitive rates.

Company Products
When it comes to enlisting the products offered by Auctus Nutrition’s, customers can experience the benefits of the Nutri Auctus Whey Isolate, NutriAuctus Whey Protein & the NutriAuctus Mass Gainer. Each one of these products is filtered to perfection and comprise of all the necessary amino acids and other precursors. Each lot is also tested for quality assurance and the company also emphasizes an on the quality of packaging.

Company USP
Every supplement manufacturing company has a speciality and Auctus Nutrition is no different. The most effective selling point of the whey protein, mass gainer and isolate is the quality of raw whey that’s completely organic and skillfully derived from the grass-fed cows of New Zealand. The company, therefore, guarantees perfections and precision with all of its products.

At present, Auctus Nutrition’s is competing with some of the leading Indian and Foreign supplement manufacturers and coming out with flying colours. The company is readily holding its own as it offers an extended lineup of high-quality products and that too at an extremely pocket-friendly price point.

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